pricing tiers
SMB and Enterprise Pricing Options

Annual Contract*
Tiers** < 1k 1k - 2k 2k - 5k 5k - 10k 10k - 15k 15k - 25k 25k - 50k top speed
Lite per month $599
Standard per month $995 $1,995 $2,995 $3,395 $5,195
Enterprise per month $3,195 $4,395 $5,595 $6,795 $7,995 $9,995 $11,995 Contact Sales

* Annual contracts are billed annually. Quarterly contracts are available subject to approval (min. 3 months). Quarterly tier pricing may vary from the annual contract amount. All prices above are monthly rates and are quoted in US Dollars.

** Tiers are based on the approximate number of pages read daily by the engine in the system. Actual daily totals that will be realized are based on the average byte size of the pages being read. Tiers assume average page sizes of 10KB, larger average page sizes will result in smaller daily totals. Tiers also come with a maximum on the total queue size (roughly 100x the daily speed). This helps with system optimization so that large data sets are not underserved by slow engines.