For demo purposes, we're allowing temporary access to a component of the iDataMine software, our Single Page Analyser tool. We feel this particular tool allows people to understand one of the base functionalities of iDatamine - discovering relationships. Try putting your company's main website page into the tool and immediately learn all the first degree connections on that page.

  • Imagine having an engine that runs 24 hours a day, enabling you to do this for thousands of pages.
  • Imagine adding social elements like Twitter to further expand your company's relationship universe.
  • Imagine being able to adjust your marketing messages based on the relationship proximity of the receipient to your organization.

    There are millions of possibilities available when you start leveraging your data - give it a try, we hope this demo tool will get your imagination going!

    In order to prevent abuse, please provide us with a functioning email address where we will send you an access code. Use this access code to access the demo tool.

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    Access Code: